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[추천해바]San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

2017.09.08 09:37

Annual SF festival offers eclectic electronica

Pioneering musician Suzanne Ciani will perform on Sunday, Sept. 10. Photo: Karel Chladek

Pioneering musician Suzanne Ciani will perform on Sunday, Sept. 10.

For a quick sense of the madcap variety that abounds in the world of electronic composition and performance, you need only take a gander at the lineup for the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, which marks its 18th season this weekend.

The schedule for the weekend’s three shows from Friday to Sunday, Sept. 8-10 ranges from the feminist noise reggaeton duo Las Sucias, on the opening bill, to the Sunday night appearances by the electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani and by Jules Litman-Cleper, who performs under the chilling stage name Waxy Tomb.

Along the way, expect contributions from such diverse artists as Dax Pierson, Suki O’Kane and Aaron Dilloway.

— Joshua Kosman

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival: 8 p.m. Friday-Sunday, Sept. 8-10. $12-$25. Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th St., S.F. http://www.sfemf.org


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